Friday, 24 August 2012

Water Pollution- Problem for the Generation Next

In this whole world, almost 78% body is covered with water out of that 78% only a few percentage of water is available for drinking. But, due to our misjudgement and carelessness, water level is decreasing day by day. Apart from that we are also polluting our water sources through many ways be it chemical waste, bathing in river, bathing our animals in it or washing our clothes. All these activities just makes our water body more & more pollutant.

So, to save water for our next generation & keep it clean here are few tips:
The only way of saving water for our next generation is by conserving it as much as possible. Use bucket to bath instead of shower, wash car through a bucket & duster instead of pipe, use water harvesting system over your house to generate water for other uses.

Don’t pour paint, oil, chemical, acid or any other thing is sink or toilet, all these kind of things should be disposed in trash, as it would make that water difficult to be purified.

Clean any kind of trash that is near any water body that includes beaches. Make sure to collect them and put in a dustbin.
Following this step will make you the saviour of our planet for sure. For more information visit this website